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What is CrossBounding? CrossBounding is the team behind all the media hoopla surrounding Bounding Shoes like Power Jumpers and Kangoo Jumps. We've created the "No Pain Weight Loss" movement, which is seen on the Today Show, NBC, IDTV, etc.. In this video, I explain what CrossBounding is, why I created it, and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals... Hint: It's something everyone can do.

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What is Cross Bounding? Cross Rebounding?

  • Media and fitness professionals are calling CrossBounding, "The Next P90X, except you can actually do it." CrossBounding is currently in negotiation with Media Stream Direct to market CrossBounding to the entire United States. Investors are also lined up to support a product that is, "smart, efficient," and, "crosses over to a smarter workout." Are you ready to be a part of the Movement?

    Cross BoundingX-Bounding, and Cross Rebounding are 2013 concepts invented and trademarked by U.C. Berkeley Masters Student Peter Nguyen and 20-Year Fitness Veteran Darren Rieck of Redondo Beach. CrossBounding has been steadily gaining popularity since its release last month.


    X-Bounding, or Crossbounding, requires you, bounding workouts/exercises, and impact-reducing crossbounding shoes (highly recommended). All the exercises have been used by professional athletes in all sports for years, and consists of a variety of simple bounding and aerobic/anaerobic exercises. CrossBounding is the fusion of all these bounding exercises, which require little to no equipment. Our fitness and weight loss network also helps people stay motivated too. Cross Rebound Training (CrossBounding) is predicated on two simple dietary additions and CrossBounding (bounding) for 30-50 minutes a day.


    This combination has yielded a 100% weight loss success rate among trials for people of all shapes and sizes. Cross Bounding has garnered media attention of local Berkeley Media and "The SexyNerds Show" in San Francisco. The Cross Bounding movement is quickly gaining traction, and comes out of U.C. Berkeley researchers, students, and athletes.


    Peter first lost 10 lbs in 10 days doing Insanity in his XRs (Cross Rebounding Shoes). His progress can be found at He has now lost 25.5lbs, 4.3% body fat, and 3 inches off his waist after just 40 days (UPDATE: Lost 27.7lbs, 4.8% body fat in 48 Days).


    Cross (X) refers to the Cross Training capabilities and versatility of Cross Rebounding shoes. Cross-training in sports and fitness means combining different exercises from different sports to work each and every muscle. Often, one particular activity works certain muscle groups, but not others; cross-training eliminates this.


    Rebounding is defined as the act of bounding: leaping forward or upward; springing. Cross Bounders are rebound training shoes that increase the difficulty and overall muscle engagement of all exercises without hurting the participant. The shoes lessen joint impact by 80% and distribute impact forces throughout the body for a full body workout.


    They can be worn for basketball, volleyball, swim, ballet, and soccer practice/training. Snowboarders, surfers, hockey players, and many more use XRs in their everyday workout routines and training regimen. Every athlete benefits from the 80% reduction in knee and joint impact as well as a 2x increase in calories burned. In other words-- work harder and more efficiently without getting hurt.


    Join the Crossbounding/X-Bounding Movement toward smart, sustainable, and energy efficient exercise today!



    Author Information

    Peter founded uKangoo in his dorm room to help his family members lose weight and discovered an easy, sustainable, and flexible weight loss program he calls "Crossbounding". Darren has a degree in health sciences and optimizes health as a main objective. He has been helping people achieve their physical fitness goals for over 20 years. 

CrossBounding is in talks with the American Heart Association, Shark Tank, The Biggest Loser, Walk Leader, The Amazing Race, P90X Infomercial Producers, and has been featured on SF Radio, IDTV,, and a variety of other websites and blogs. CrossBounding products have appeared on The Amazing Race, Stephen Fry's Gadget Man, BBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, Logo, Tyra, Nightline, Dr. OZ, The Today Show, Bravo, and SF Cable Television. For Press Inquiries -- Please call 1-657-200-JUMP or email

CrossBounding is the newest Fitness Craze in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Berkeley, and is coming to a town near you! You will receive the X-Bounding Fitness and Weight Loss Plan for Free just for joining our CrossBounding Community!

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